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Is Capitalism Evil?

I asked the Capitalist Pig Community This Often Avoided Question: “What Does It Mean To Be a Capitalist?” Their Answers May Shock You…

We Love Capitalism

We are passionate about capitalism. “To live your dreams and be FREE”, “The Right to Make Money” and to “Build a Legacy and Give Outrageously”

Look As Attractive As A Fat Wallet...

Wanna know who thinks like you do (or really doesn’t)? This famous shirt will take care of “small talk” for you while you roam the socialist-hoarding streets…

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Passion and purpose around money are to empower everyone in that conversation because it is a tool... That things really took off. That's what Offermind is and that's what Steven has put together here.
Truly everything is an offer.... Help reduce their own personal fears and limitations so they cant take a step forward for themselves then we aren't doing our jobs for the perople we are serving and there is nobody that is more brilliant then that then Steve.
I love Capitalism... At the end of the day, I do want to make money because I want to live a life on my terms, my choice has the things I want in my life but I absolutely love making an impact.

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Wanna know who has their head the whole way and who doesn't? (can i say that?) This famous shirt will do most of your talking for you…

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